Dear Friends

Dear friends 

ICAP, the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples, has invited us to convey to the friends of Cuba, particularly those living in Europe that there is a continental campaign to demand the end of the Blockade imposed by the US against Cuba, for you evaluate the possibility to joint to this important initiative.

 This campaign: #UnblockCuba was launched by solidary friends in Germany (NETZWERK), in coordination with the German newspaper JUNGUE WELT, and aims to involve solidarity organizations and friends of Cuba in Europe, to carry out actions and promotion in favor of lifting the Blockade.

 The campaign will extend until May 2020 when the Cuban resolution against the blockade will be presented at the UN General Assembly.

 A website has been created for this campaign: where information is published and promotional posters are available.

 (The campaign contemplates collecting donations $, but that is Not what interests us most from the Dutch friends).

 It would be important for the people of Cuba if friends from the Netherlands could also join this continental campaign against the inhumane blockade.

 Support for the campaign could be of various kinds, for example some declaration of support, and/or actions to publicize the activities of the campaign ect.

 If you have the will to echo from the Netherlands the campaign #UnblockCuba, we would appreciate it if you could send an email to the following recipients:

We attached for your consideration some ideas for the email you can send.

 Thank you for your traditional support and solidarity with Cuba!

 Warm regards,

 Yadira & Willem Guillermo Veldhoven.

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